Russian European crude oil spot prices in the 20th century

Russian European crude oil spot prices in the 20th century

There is only one purpose of investing in spot crude oil, which is to make money. 00% of people think this way. Even if he has a lot of money, his purpose is to make money. Therefore, many people think that they are very smart and can make money in this industry. For example, some people start to create their own technical indicators after they have learned some technical indicator analysis methods. They want to achieve the number of times that they can do it right. It is more of an indicator than the number of mistakes, but the end result is a waste of time and energy. Stop Loss This is what our senior masters and masters first emphasized that we must do well. If the stop loss is not done well, no matter how much money you made before, as long as you make a mistake and not stop the loss, you will lose all your money at once. . Why put stop loss in the first place? The changes in the market follow the changes in everyone's thinking. People's thinking changes at any time. The market is just the expression of everyone's thinking, so that the market price is doomed to be inaccurate Yes, since the market price is uncertain, all technical analysis methods, whether technical analysis or fundamental analysis, are only a possibility. No matter how we analyze the result of the operation, it is only a possibility, so the operation is wrong. It doesn't matter if you do it right, the important thing is to stop loss fast if you do it right, and make as much money as possible if you do it right. The principle of preserving margin means that we make a profit-making list. When the market is not good for us, the final line of defense is to protect the capital and flatten out. Try not to let the profit-making list become a loss-making one to stop losses. If the first stop loss for making money is done, and the capital protection is done, the overall possibility of making money will be greatly improved. These three methods must be learned and used, especially the stop loss must be done well and resolutely implemented, and the second is also to protect the cost. It will be very depressing if the Russian European crude oil spot prices in the 20th centurymoney-making is flattened out. thing.

In 2000, the trading volume of energy futures and options on the New York Mercantile Exchange exceeded 100 million lots, accounting for 60% of the total volume of the three major energy exchanges. Its listed West Texas Intermediate crude oil (wti is the world’s most traded commodity futures and also One of the most important pricing benchmarks in the global oil market.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan also said recently that Brexit is actually only the tip of the iceberg, and the real troubles are actually much greater. In short, the real income growth rate across Europe is seriously slow. The cracks in the European Union are now exposed in broad daylight, and countries such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal are likely to follow the example of the United Kingdom. All in all, whether the EU’s days have started a countdown, only time can give an answer, and this will obviously help the Fed to delay raising interest rates.

Economics President Williams reminded that this is a time of year when oil prices are expected to fall, because refiners will soon resume work from the maintenance season. In the past few weeks, US crude oil inventories have increased, partly due to an abnormal decline in refining activities, but this trend ended this week.

Because Canadian crude oil is mainly exported to Cushing in the United States and becomes a component of WTI pricing, the interruption of Canadian production once caused a sharp drop in EIA crude oil inventories. However, as the Canadian crude oil supply resumes, this may cause crude oil inventories to appear. The sharp rebound has caused pressure on oil prices.

U.S. officials stated that theyRussian European crude oil spot prices in the 20th century notified Russia through normal de-conflict channels that the U.S., Britain and France allied forces will use Syrian airspace in their attacks and will not attack any Russian assets. Olivier of Petromatrix

Perry told reporters that the production increase agreement reached between OPEC+ countries may not be enough to ease the pressure on global crude oil supply. A few hours later, there were reports that Saudi Arabia decided to do it on its own to relieve supply pressure. Bloomberg reported that Saudi Arabia plans to increase crude oil production by 0.8 million barrels per day to a record level in July, which may eventually reach between 0.6 million barrels per day and 0 million barrels per day. This will be the largest production surge in the country's history, with the goal of cooling oil prices. The report pointed out that Trump also wants to rely on Saudi Arabia to maintain the oil market supply balance before the US midterm elections.