Current crude oil prices

Current crude oil prices

Overnight, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu claimed that Iran had lied about its nuclear intentions, and that Israel had mastered the secret documents of Iran’s nuclear program, and that Iran’s secret nuclear documents would be released at the same time. It pointed out that Israel has shared this secret dCurrent crude oil pricesocument with the United States, and the United States has also confirmed the authenticity of this series of documents. The emergence of this situation has made the market worried that the United States may restart sanctions on Iran, which will seriously affect the supply of crude oil in the Middle East.

According to Iranian media reports, the global energy giant Total has become the latest victim as the United States has stopped banning the purchase of oil by countries around the world. The energy company has also given up oil extraction in Iran. Iran announced that it will transfer all shares of Total to CNPC, this is undoubtedly a great gift for our country.

Venezuela in South America, due to political uncertainties such as hyperinflation and re-election, has led to a substantial withdrawal of funds for investment in the oil extraction industry, fearing that it will be difficult to deliver enough oil, resulting in an involuntary shutdown.

At present, OECD crude oil inventories have fallen below the 5-year average, and OPEC data shows that the implementation rate of OPEC's May production reduction agreement has significantly exceeded 00%. Guojin Securities analyst Pu Qiang commented that, in the current situation where global crude oil inventories are significantly lower, OPEC's increase in production will help ensure the future balance of crude oil supply and demand and promote market stability.

Earlier this month, Maduro stated that Venezuela would issue an encrypted digital currency based on the country's oil, natural gas, gold, diamond and other resource reserves, and named it petro coins. This currency will be used for international payments and become a new way for Venezuela to raise funds internationally. It is reported that the Venezuelan government has specially established an organization composed of experts in the fields of science and technology, economics, and law to be responsible for the promotion of the petrocoin project.

Summary: Last Friday, September 8 in New York City, Brent crude oil once set a four-day high to $77/barrel, up more than 2%; US crude oil set a four-day high to $70.42/barrel Barrels, up nearly 2%. EarlCurrent crude oil pricesier, according to foreign media reports, Saudi Arabia is happy to see Brent crude oil prices higher than $80/barrel, at least in the short term, because before the US Congress election, Saudi Arabia must strike a balance between maximizing revenue and curbing oil prices.

As the February market is coming to an end, looking back at the trend of the US dollar in February, we can find that the US dollar index has performed a good stop and callback market. Before the deadline, the US dollar index once again returned to the top of the 90 line. It can be said that the 90 line is A key point that the dollar index is bound to compete for. As long as it can stand firmly on the 90 line, the market outlook will have the momentum to rebound. On the contrary, if it cannot effectively break through, it will be difficult for the market outlook to rebound.