Crude oil trading

Crude oil trading

The well-known financial blog Zerohedge commented on EIA crude oil inventories in the United States for the week to June, stating that after the sharp increase in EIA crude oil inventories lastCrude oil trading week, and the unexpected increase in API crude oil inventories this morning, this time EIA crude oil appeared the largest in a month. Decline, and gasoline also recorded a sharp decline, Cushing Oil also recorded a decline for four consecutive weeks. At the same time, it is worth noting that domestic production in the United States increased by 0 million barrels/day to 0.9 million barrels/day, continuing to hit a record high.

At 2 o'clock tonight, the US GDP-related data for the fourth quarter of last year was released. Five days after the government closed, the US GDP data was delayed for nearly a month. There has been no clear statement on the US economic performance last year.

Putin believes that Russia and the United States are currently facing a series of new challenges, including the maintenance of international security and stability mechanisms, regional crises, the spread of terrorism, and transnational crimes. These problems have brought serious negative effects to economic recovery and environmental improvement. influences. Only by working together can Russia and the United States truly meet these challenges.

However, analysts still worry that global trade disputes may undermine economic growth, which in turn may mean that Asian importers' demand for crude oil declines. A senior commodity analyst at Commerzbank said that trade tensions may slow the growth of oil demand in Asia. This may also lead to the spread of the Turkish crisis, and slower demand growth will make Iranian barrels easier to replace.

Zhongyu Information estimates that refined oil prices will rise by 250 yuan/ton on the 28th. After this round of price adjustments, the range of gasoline and diesel price adjustments is equivalent to about 0.2 yuan per liter. In other words, from tomorrow until the next round of refined oil price adjustments, domestic 92# gasoline and 0# diesel will increase by 2 cents per liter.

At the same time, the global trade situation is still very severe. The continued weakness of emerging market currencies haCrude oil tradings also suppressed the demand for crude oil to a certain extent. This is the key reason why oil prices have risen and fallen. But in general, the oil market has tightened recently. Although INE crude oil has fallen, it is still above the 50 yuan line, and the short-term online trend has not changed.

Analysts including Beveridge wrote in the report that oil companies have been forced to focus on improving returns and shareholder dividends at the expense of capital expenditures aimed at finding new supplies. Analysts said that this approach will lead to insufficient investment in the industry, and any supply shortage will boost crude oil prices soaring, and may even be much higher than the sky-high price of US$50/barrel in 2008. At that time, the increase in demand and the lack of existing resources pushed up oil prices, and the price of Brent crude oil rose to a historical high of more than $47 per barrel, so that period was also called the super cycle super