20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrel

20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrel

O20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barreln the technical side, crude oil from the performance of more than a month, the price of the

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In the U.S. market on Friday, the oil price dropped 40, 41.1 empty sheet reached the stop profit position of 40.3 two days after holding the position. Subsequently, the oil price at the end of the U.S. plate continued to decline due to the number of oil wells, leading to a rebound in oil prices.

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trading. Oil prices rose 2% on Wednesda20-year chart of U.S. crude oil per barrely to their highest level in more than eight months.

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crude oil exports increased by 490000 B / D to 3.512 million B / d last week. On the supply

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