Crude oil contract

Crude oil contract

The energy ministers Crude oil contractof Saudi Arabia and the UAE last week expressed their concerns about the recent fluctuations in the oil market and planned to meet with Russian President Novak in St. Petersburg to continue consultations. Analysts said it is very necessary to observe the situation from St. Petersburg this weekend. May provide critical information for the coming weeks.

Indeed, as a businessman, Trump does not have the way that a businessman should value credibility. On the contrary, after becoming president, he went back and forth and acted waywardly. It has withdrawn from many international agreements, such as the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the Paris Agreement, and recently threatened to withdraw from the WTO and NATO. No wonder Trump invited the Iranian leader nine times, and was rejected nine times. There is even news that within Iran, anyone who dares to negotiate with the United States will be severely punished. However, even if he is rejected again and again, Trump still needs sanctions.

However, there has been news recently that Sinopec will resume imports of US oil at a critical moment when the trade war is further escalating. On August 24, according to sources quoted by Reuters, Sinopec's United Petrochemical Company will resume buying US crude oil in October. But just last week, the United States also imposed a 25% tariff on goods worth $6 billion.

For crude oil grades such as WTI crude oil in Midland, physical prices are now at a three-and-a-half-year low, which was once US dollar lower than US benchmark contracts. It is converted to a discount of 2-25 US dollars compared with Brent crude oil.

I suggest you open a position under normal circumstances, not more than one-third of the total amount of funds. If the certainty is quite large, there is a probability of more than 90%, and the position can be increased to two-thirds. Agglomeration trading was initially mainly applied to stock investment. Of course, there are also top spot traders who have agglomeration trading, but that is also a very small part, and their trading skills and psychological qualities are incomparable to ordinary people. Therefore, for ordinary investors, it is better to trade wet warehouse. Trading champion Larys Williams also suffered heavy losses due to heavy trading in a trading competition. It should be taken as a warning.

Evening non-agricultural forecast analysis: This time, the non-agricultural value of the employed population is only 60,000, and the expected value is 5, the difference is not too large. The previously announced ACrude oil contractDP employment data and the number of initial unemployment benefits are two The values ​​are not very ideal, they all show

On Monday, May 28, international oil prices plummeted across the board. WTI crude oil fell below the US$624/barrel mark, and the decline expanded to nearly 5%; Burundi oil fell about 2% to US$70/barrel. The opening of domestic crude oil futures also fell sharply. At present, the decline of the resistance contract of crude oil futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange has expanded to about 8%, at 455 yuan per barrel. According to reports, OPEC and Russia are expected to decide to increase crude oil production to curb oil prices. But does increasing production necessarily have a great effect?