Crude oil contract contract month and expiry date

Crude oil contract contract month and expiry date

Summary: On Monday, July 9th, the Asian market in early trading, oil prices rose. Global oil production is expected to remain at the forefront of the crude oil market this week, and was suppressCrude oil contract contract month and expiry dateed last week due to signs of rising oil production in Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Reuters reported that Thursday-level hurricane Florence hit the Atlantic coast of the United States directly. This will be the strongest and most dangerous hurricane to hit the local area in the past 0 years, and its scale and intensity are also increasing. At present, the governors of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland have declared states of emergency. The storm also threatened the supply of a gasoline pipeline.

The White House announced that if retaliatory measures are taken, such as imposing new tariffs on U.S. goods, services, or agricultural products, raising non-tariff barriers, or imposing punitive measures on U.S. exporters or operating U.S. companies, the U.S. will impose more tariffs. .

In addition, before the non-agricultural announcement in May, according to the pricing of interest rate futures, the probability of the Fed’s rate hike in June has dropped by nearly 20 points. Although it is still at a high level of 70%, it has been firmly established in just one week. As long as there is suspense, the possibility of the black swan event that unexpectedly did not raise interest rates in June is gradually increasing, which shows that the non-agricultural data in May is very important.

The number of new non-agricultural jobs in the United States fell short of expectations, with an increase of only 50,000, and the non-agricultural report showed that wage growth was slower than expected. The Fed's 209 interest rate hike plan was affected, causing the US dollar index to plummet, which is positive for international oil prices.

After training, traders understand that loss is an inevitable part of trading, profitable trades are not necessarily good trades, and losing trades are not necessarily bad trades. After re-reading the classic works, I discovered that the mystery of the original transactiCrude oil contract contract month and expiry dateon has been told by predecessors, but unfortunately it is difficult to understand the true meaning without personal experience. At this stage, traders can already make stable profits, but there is always a question in the minds of traders: Is there any other shortcut to success? In other words, although traders have their own trading systems, other people’s trading systems will Wouldn't it be better? Can't give up the entire forest in order to hold a tree firmly, so traders will devote themselves to the design and testing of other systems, and the results are not very good.